It is with a sigh of accomplishment that the Six Nations Writers in partnership with Chiefswood National Historic Site present to you Onkwawennahson'a "Our Voices".

This spoken word cd is a celebration of the literary talent that exists within our people at Six Nations of the Grand River. It is also a celebration of the legacy of E. Pauline Johnson that continues to be a source of native pride for us all.

We are a people of diverse talents who continue to creatively express ourselves in a multitude of ways. Our community is culturally rich with many forms of the arts with the literary arts being expressed on a weekly basis since the forming of our literary group in the fall of 2001. This compilation reflects a gathering of the voices of the Six Nations Writers who have come together to share with you our original works.

This is who we are.

So get comfortable, load your cd, open your mind and press play. You're about to go on a literary journey into our thoughts, feelings and dreams.

L.M. VanEvery
Six Nations Writers

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