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Meet Paula Whitlow

Paula Whitlow is from the Mohawk, Turtle Clan of the Six Nations of the Grand River Territory.  She has been the Curator of Chiefswood National Historic Site, (birthplace & childhood home of Tekahionwake - E. Pauline Johnson) since 1995.  Throughout this time, she finds the historical record serves as a role model and inspiration to many, even today.
Paula feels it is important for people to continue on the path of writing - as an extension of oneself.  "Word Art" best describes her style of writing.  Her poem,
Oblivion, as well as her other words, are well thought out forms of "word art" and to Paula, writing them is an experience of coming full circle.
Paula sees writing as a personal venture and a celebration of the talent at Six Nations.  Participating in the Six Nations Writers group has been very encouraging, and the need for such, has been long overdue.

You may contact Paula by e-mail at:

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