Six Nations Writers
Meet Yvonne Beaver

For The Little Sisters
by Yvonne Beaver

Come and gaze upon the face of grandmother moon.
See her rise majestic, with eternal smile,
Ancient wisdom in far seeing eyes
As we dance to time's spinning tune.

Come and dance in the light of grandmother moon.
Let your feet move free to the rhythm of the tide,
Your body sway to night bird's cry
As time weaves moonbeams on her loom.

Come and raise your face to grandmother moon.
Feel the boundless power that brings the oceans rise,
Soft, the benediction in her sigh
As she glides mystic 'mid time's runes.

Come and accept the gifts of grandmother moon.
Take the secret joy that comes with woman's time,
Strong to love with motherly eyes
As she brightens time's dim lit rooms

© Yvonne Beaver, 2002

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